Founded in 1995, The Swimfast Aquatic Group was the brainchild of two time Olympian David Lim. David realized that there was a need for an aquatic center that concentrated on providing quality swimming classes made available to the public.

Who we are

Providing Quality Swimming Classes Since 1995

Since 1995, Swimfast has been the top choice for those seeking high-quality swimming classes and competitive programs in Singapore. Our exceptional reputation is backed by a history of producing national champions and members of the national team, making Swimfast the preferred provider for those looking to excel in the sport. Come join Swimfast today and experience the best swimming classes and competitive programs in Singapore.

Learn to Swim

Our Learn-to-Swim program caters to beginners who want to learn basic swimming skills and strokes.


Experience the thrill of competition and achieve your swimming goals with our dynamic and results-driven competitive swim program.

Private Lesson

Elevate your swimming abilities with personalized attention and instruction from our expert coaches in our exclusive private lesson program.

Artistic Swimming

Widely known as water ballet and involves swimmers performing a synchronized routine in the water, accompanied by music.

Embrace the Fun, Fitness, and Health Benefits of Swimming with Our Professional Instruction

Experience the transformative power of swimming with our expert coaching and tailored programs that promote fun, fitness, and overall health and wellness.

competitive coaches

Meet our expert coaches

Get to know our team of experienced and passionate coaches who are committed to helping you achieve your swimming goals through personalized instruction and support.

David lim fong jock

head consultant

The Founder of SAC, he is very passionate about competitive swimming in Singapore. He has 19 SEA Games Gold meds under his name.

NG MEng seng

Competitive coach

Coach Meng Seng brings with him a wealth of experience, heading many Swim Teams with reputable names over a span of more than 30 years in the sport.

Qi Minjie

Head coach

Head Coach MJ started competitive coaching in 2009 and has led many swimmers to international swim meets.

Liang Xingsi

Artistic Swim Coach

Coach Liang was previously a professional Artistic Swimming athlete with the Hunan Sports Team. She has brought many young and aspiring athletes from local meets to regional and international competitions

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Transform Your Swimming Skills with Swimfast

At Swimfast, we believe that success in swimming requires a personalized approach, which is why our small student-teacher ratios, patient instruction, and focus on continuous improvement have helped our students achieve their goals and become national champions and members of the national team, with over 945 swimmers having benefited from our proven training methods since 1995.


What Our Clients Say

"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Coach Wei of the Junior Squad at MGS for exercising creativity in training where he alternated regular swim warm up with a session of football in the MGS football field on Sat, 7 Jan. This method of training indeed ignited creativity & definitely helped to pique the kids interest in continuing to train with SwimFast. Alternative training methods do inject variation over monotonous training. I hope this is something Swimfast can consider doing more in future to enhance its standing as a premier swimming club in Singapore. Ever since this training session, my child loved his training sessions even more.”

Mr. Andrew Wong

” My son, Jerron Darian WO is currently in the Learn to Swim Programme and his coach is Melvin. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for Coach Melvin who went an extra mile to teach my son to swim different strokes in the shortest possible time. We like the way he teaches the student though, at times, he can be tough towards the students. Being a parent of one kid, we know that only through discipline and mental toughness training, it can help to nurture our kid to a better swimmer which what Coach Melvin is inculcating. During our lesson, we overheard 1 parent praising Coach Melvin on his way of handling kid and I’m proud to repeat what this parent shared about Coach Melvin, “that should be the way to teach to make them excel!” Importantly, our Jerron likes coach Melvin a lot. I can see that Jerron is learning well and progressing. To conclude, we are pleased with coach Melvin. We intend to let Jerron continue with Coach Melvin in the semi-competitive provided he can make it. Well done, Coach Melvin! “

Mr. Alvin Wo

“Our son Josh was with Melvin in his Saturday semi-comp class since January until the MGS pool cracked and we had to switch over to Sunday due to logistical issues. We heard about some negative reviews about Coach and wanted to put in our own review. We found Coach Melvin very passionate about coaching and improving the swimmers’ strokes, and he was often seen coaching enthusiastically throughout the session. He is strict but it is to be expected with a sports training programme. Even though it’s at a recreational level, his high expectations help the children develop a healthy respect for authority and have higher expectations of themselves. Our son was happy training under him. Hope this helps provide a balanced viewpoint of Coach Melvin.”

Chiew Gee

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